i have seen the enemy… and he is strange…. …

i have seen the enemy… and he is strange….

i don’t really think of boyo* as an enemy (that line just sounded good) the wierdness abounds anyway. haven’t seen him in about four years, and he ‘drops by’ to see me at work twice in a week. not quite sure what to think of all this. the sitch is: whatever is going on in boyo’s brain is making him want to either: a) stay far away or b) smother the hell out of me. i tried to tell him yesterday that he didn’t have to worry about my reactions to stuff… if i was bothered by anything, i’d let him know.

i don’t think he was ready to hear that. so he didn’t.

the problem is (i think) that he wants a “relationship”, and i don’t. i like the guy, and i’ll be his friend, but there’s only so much i can do. he’s going to have to deal with his part of this as he sees fit; if he wants to avoid me because he’s afraid he’ll repell me, fine. the trouble starts when he comes to talk all this through with me. i know i can’t just vent to the person i have a problem with, and expect feel better. i have to vent to someone who’s not involved, and then tell the purged, organized version to the person concerned.

just when you think you’ve gotten rid of all the stalkers… :-/


* i purposely left out the name here. i accidentally wrote the real name down, and someone brought my attention to it. my apologies.


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