i forget how much i enjoy this.. i read ‘the diary…

i forget how much i enjoy this.. i read ‘the diary of adam and eve’ by mark twain again today, thanks to project gutenburg. i was proud of myself: i read the entire thing without biting my tongue once [one who has read mr. twain might understand my reference]. although, liberated woman though i am, the end nearly always makes me cry: to the verge and back in a moment, but i am teary nonetheless.

it is odd: i am affected by this woman so much, and she is not truly real. that doesn’t seem to matter much. now, after feeling jittery and jumpy all day, i am suddenly inexplicably calm. i feel as though my mind has been so busy that is has disconnected from my body, and i am only now getting back to where i am, and what i am doing. i get that way when i am ‘fixed’ on something, as i have been on the blogathon.

if i had to type something without an “a href=”, i would have some difficulty.

cyberland is impeding too much upon my life today. i need to find some skin.


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