"God moves in extremely mysterious, not to say, ci…

“God moves in extremely mysterious, not to say, circuituitous ways.”

para exemplo…

+ yesterday, by strange chance, i woke up with no urge to push the snooze button.

+ i got up, and did what i do in the mornings to get ready, same as always, and was somehow ready miraculously early.

+ this small wonder allowed me to pack a lunch, instead of having to go out.

+ because there is no lounge where i work, i had to trot down to the cafeteria to have a place to sit while i ate.

+ upon leaving the cafeteria, i ran into a new acquantance who just happened to be on campus that day (school is not in session yet), and i walked with him where he was headed, because i had an extra 20 minutes.

+ i had originally planned to go see a friend of mine who works on campus, but i figured she was there all the time, and he wasn’t.

+ after a few minutes, i decided to head back to the office, and stop by my friend’s office on the way.

+ i decided to walk in the grass under a magnolia tree in the lawn behind the building where she works.

+ as i walked up to her building, i just caught a glimpse of my nemesis leaving her building, not 20 seconds before i would have gotten there and the magnolia was blocking his view of me.

i did not have the fortitude to deal with him yesterday (nor today, for that matter). God knew what he was doing, even if i didn’t get it.


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