and life goes on… life constantly surprises m…

and life goes on…

life constantly surprises me with its intensity and perseverance. amidst the turmoil and terror of yesterday’s events, the sun still shone here; the wind blew, babies laughed, and joy found a way to co-exist with fear in a human heart. I am tired, but not drained; in all ways possible. I have done more living in the last week than in the month before, and I am rejuvenated. I have seen, heard, spoken, listened, felt more than I would have dreamed. I have truly lived.

and I still remember those events in my life that have taught me to live, to value the preciousness of life. beth, i miss you. your life was ripped from you, and you were so young, so young. all my best lessons have come from you, and your death still reminds me, even after almost four years, that I shouldn’t waste a minute fretting.

the cost is high, but i’m learning. i’m learning.


small note: I’m going to post more about coronation weekend, but it will be with the original post. so look there. 🙂


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