in trouble again Sweet goodness. I should know…

in trouble again

Sweet goodness. I should know better than to go fabric shopping, even if I actually need to buy some for a project. In this single day I have found (and fallen in love with) a silk brocade and 100% silk ribbon… I am so hooked. I think that ribbon will look simply smashing on kit‘s garb for Crown List! (That’s an SCA event with all the bigwigs at it… at least the local bigwigs. Our {small} group is hosting it. Go us!!) We’ve been searching for fabric for about a month, with little success. And yet, today I find a velveteen ($6.85/yd) and black georgette silk ($7/yd).

It should look like this portrait by Albrect Durer, but in black, with white ribbon & chemise. Last I heard Kit was getting some beads and pearls to finish this lovely thing. Her hair is naturally curly, and lovely and dark. She’s going to look great!

Needless to say, I’m excited about this. Between her dress and mine, I’m going to be sewing like a maniac, though!

If you do any historical re-enacting at all, I would check out Wooded Hamlet Designs. Their items are geared towards 18th century (American colonization) but they have a lot of nice, useful materials… buttons, linen and wool cords and tape for hemming or trims… I’m impressed. They are simply beautiful. And they carry silk thread??? I think I am in love.

Geez, can you tell I love natural fabrics?? Down with polyester!! *wink*


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