in trouble again I don’t normally browse eBay. I…

in trouble again

I don’t normally browse eBay. In fact, I’ve only bought one thing from an auction there, just to see if I could. This time I’ve found what might be a pretty good deal… I’ve been thinking about/wanting a sewing machine I can take to SCA events, one that runs without electricity. I heard of one lady who took a machine with a hand crank to Pennsic, and let people sew on it day and night, nearly. 🙂 I might actually be able to follow in her footsteps, per se, with what I found: a 1931 singer 99k hand crank sewing machine. It’s not too high yet, and as soon as I find out how much postage is… *sly grin* I will at least try for it, I think. I’ll have time to check the finances before I get a reply on postage.

Oy. I am such a SEWING addict. But I suppose whatever makes me happy is the thing I should do. I really enjoy sewing. It usually surprises people who don’t know me well when they find out I actually like *domestic* activities like sewing and embroidering. I do so much with computers, and music, and languages that people take me for a geek, a musician, or an academic. I am these things, but I am not limited to them!

Oh, and I like gardening, too. Sometimes I think I’m just a housewife waiting to happen.


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