reworked, reworded

In the last few years, this blog has undergone redesign, both of structure and of purpose. Well, it’s back to basics around here again.

True, I have a LiveJournal, and I do post there fairly often. Still, the fact remains that this was the original place for me to express whatever needed expression. I cannot deny that, while the LiveJournal is useful, this is where my history is.

Recent events [katrina + apartment fire] have been reminding me of incidents from the past [leroy bullock + beth + westside]. Never have I experienced a sharper call for gratitude: for that which I have, and that which I don’t have.

I have thought at times to achieve, not fame, but at least a small amount of recognition for these outpourings that are, in essence, creative writing of a sort. I know now that hoping for such things is to defeat the purpose I had in creating a blog in the first place. While others may have a more outwardly-directed purpose to their online commentary, I do not. Inward reflection brings inner rewards.


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