There are some days that I understand my purpose in life to be that of observation. Not that I am somehow prevented from or unworthy of participating in life, but that I am there to witness the small moments, to see the unnoticed, to note the minor but noteworthy occurences in the lives of those around me.

Last night a small Tibetan monk smiled and bowed to my sister, who smiled and bowed back. I did not see his face – I saw hers.

There was a glimmer of the magical in her eyes, an awareness that in one small glance, her humanity had been recognized, affirmed, appreciated.

As we were leaving the lecture, she said, “He smiled at me.”

I don’t know how much that moment will touch her life to come, but I am certain of how much it touched her that night.

Whether or not she will remember it later, I shall.


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