A few days ago I posted in regards to my role as witness to the small happenings in life. Now, thanks to a contest on Joel’s blog I am realizing this goes for tales of the paranormal as well….

One of my cousins claims to have seen the ghost of a small boy standing next to her bed in the old house on Thomas St. in Jonesboro (they lived there for many years, and we rented the house after they had moved elsewhere.) She said (if I recall correctly) that he was standing there just looking at her, dressed in ‘old clothes’ (old-fashioned clothes?). She blinked her eyes and he dissapeared.

The only actual scary experience I’ve had was with a Ouija board. I was at Nikki’s dorm room with Kortney (and I think Kit, but I’m not sure there) and we were doing the usual deal. It started spelling for us at one point “Look behind Jo…”

Once it got to the O in Jo, I freaked out and refused to participate anymore. Once I gave up my willing suspension of disbelief the ‘game’ stopped (didn’t go to any letters, no longer spelled anything out, that sort of thing).

That was just too close to home for me. Too weird.

So maybe I’m not just a spectator. Still, I think I prefer that role anyway.


2 thoughts on “spectre-tating

  1. ooooo! very monochromatic. odile would approve. 8^)
    i like it.

    hmmmm. nope, it wasn’t me with the ouija that time…at least, i think is wasn’t me.

    when i was with you two, all we got was gibberish. we thought maybe it was spelling out greek letter for a frat or sorority, but couldn’t tell what. all the nonsense freaked me out though, and i’ve never used one of those things again.

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