1 weekend + 3 hours of writing = 93%

I rock. No, really.

I got my midterm back from Dr. Taleghani today, the take-home one that I dreaded for a few days, then got over and finally, wrote.

I’m sitting here with a mad grin, just ’cause I done good.

Needless to say, the general academic outlook is on the upswing, so of course I’m thinking of the post-semester pleasures that await:

  • catching up on Sinfest
  • reading for fun again*
  • sleeping past 6:30
  • getting back to the gig
  • getting back on the Gigcast
  • getting out of Wescoe
  • spend more time with joel that doesn’t involve me reading for class
  • having a clean apartment
  • having time to actually cook
  • naptime, anytime!
  • working on Blue Canary with Kit (inasmuch as I help anyway)
  • playing around with random languages (this this or this) because I CAN!

That should do it. For now. I could go on and on (really) but unfortunately, there’s a lot left to be accomplished before I get started on that particular to-do list. Hopefully this will serve as a motivator, instead of a procrastinator.

*at least one of these will be Terry Pratchett. Who else?


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