impending redesign, and possible organization

It’s time again for my semi-annual redesign, and I’m going to go both brighter and simpler than this one. I’m going to base it off an old site, which is inexplicably still online, more than three years after I quit working at the university that hosts it.

We’ll see if it’ll translate to Blogger well enough.

Also, I’ve begun taking stock. I have so much random web presence, and so little actual use for it. I’m going to at least make an attempt at collecting all the designs that I have created myself, and perhaps build a bit of a portfolio out of it.

Kit was here this weekend, and was asked if she had a site to show off her design work — something I’d promised to help her build, with what little HTML skills I had at the time (which was probably something like five years ago). I’m still committed to that promise.

With those thoughts come these: “What about your sites? What about getting your work together?” Not that I have ever been a web designer in a vocational sense, but even in avocational interest I have offered my help to various people, and have so far not come through. It’s high time I made the commitment to myself that I have made to others, and keep it.

So, I might actually have a site sometime in the future, not just full of links to my various sites with nothing in them, but with a bit of purpose as well.

It’s time to start taking myself seriously, and, as Alice says, just DO something.


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