please opine on new design + unusually long hiatus

So…whaddaya think? This is, indeed, based on the old CLT site, but with a few additions / revisions. I moved the menus, added a bit of color, and changed the positioning from pixels to percentages.

So, how do things line up in your browser / operating system? Anything horribly strange?


I hadn’t realized that, before the previous post, it had been six months since I wrote anything on this blog. Anything.

That should tell you what kind of semester I had.

If it doesn’t tell you, and you don’t know, you should catch up on my LiveJournal archives, which actually contain the occasional post here and there. There was much memeing, but know that I often go for memes when I’m really stressed out and I can’t entertain myself any other way.

I have been incredibly busy since mid-December. I’m maintaining a moderate activity level these days, and I am grateful in the extreme for the foresight that allowed me to take this summer off. I knew I would be getting married this summer; what I didn’t know was that I would need a good chunk of this time to recuperate, and what exactly I’d be recuperating from.

In any event, I now have the leisure to craft my life as I see fit, adding activities that I need (water aerobics and walks downtown) and stuff that I’ve missed (having time to blog, podcasting with the folks from NightGig). The pace of my days is much more enjoyable now, and not in the frantic, exhausted rush that I was living.

Even in the fall, I will be kinder to myself, with only one graduate class and a part time job instead of two to three classes and being a GTA.

I am beginning to discover that it is unnecessary for me to work myself to death, that I don’t deserve that sort of treatment from myself.

Life is good, and promising to stay that way.


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