Back in gear… again

Considering it’s been two months since I last posted, I suppose I shouldn’t be congratulating myself just yet. But then, I had a break of six months due to planning a wedding: maybe this actually signifies my official return to bloggerdom.

Despite not having a real plan for my future after graduation (much like the last time), I haven’t been panicking about what comes next, besides the obvious “let’s get studying for the M.A. Exam” thing, which is what I *should* be doing, since the exam is coming up in just under four months. Still, the workload this semester is virtually negligible, at least in comparison to the spring’s madness, and my side projects haven’t completely fallen by the wayside yet. I’m beginning to live what might be considered a balanced life, and that in graduate school. Too bad it’s not 100% guaranteed to last, but at least I know what it’s like.

In my short second-term as Engel librarian I have more of an agenda than I might have thought possible when I was a GRA my first year, and that with less monetary motivation than I had then. (Of course, it makes a somewhat satisfactory second income, but that could be largely irrelevant, if I think less positively.) Still, I want to leave this place in good shape, with only the tiniest shimmer of a hope that the department might keep me on in the spring, turning this into a part-time but permanent position. That I’d be willing to take on, if only to make sure this place remains servicable and well-kept for future students. I’m not going to depend on this rather improbable outcome, however. There is just enough room for hope, not for expectation.

Still, I’m calmly considering what comes next… or rather, I’m calmly waiting for the appropriate time to begin considerations, since it’s obviously not time yet. Staying in the moment has been a challenge for me before, and living in the future the most natural modus. I suppose I’m growing up?


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