Oh, and did I mention feminism?

Blog Against Sexism Day 2007So I find out, belatedly, that today, March 8, was Blog Against Sexism day.

And I realize I didn’t include feminism in the blog description. Silly me.

Many of my geeky posts here will touch on feminism, but I do believe I will reserve the more serious rants (when they are articulated) for my steadfast Blogger account (i.e. Now This).

But in honor of Blog Against Sexism Day, I present to you three links in the right-hand column.

Crimitism I found through a circuitous route which undoubtedly originated somewhere either on Girl-Wonder.org or Feministing.com. Richie had a MySpace Blog that has hopefully found a more accommodating home in the general blogosphere.

Found today were two blogs, both via a comment by the first on Ye Official Shrub.com Blog. veravenom of Feminist, Unmodified had smart things to say, and I followed her link to a post where she said more smart things. Open your mind and enjoy. Thinking Girl comes recommended (as she was the impetus for aforementioned smart post by veravenom), although I haven’t had the chance to read much there yet.

I wish I had time for thinking now. Exams are 18 (really 17) days away though, so my concentration level is at an all-time low. I hope to recover by April or so.

EDIT: And Karen Healey participated in BASD (no surprise there) and, as usual, her post was both insightful and thought-provoking. Thanks, Karen.


2 thoughts on “Oh, and did I mention feminism?

  1. I found Feministing through a route that began with the Wikipedia entry on Bertolt Brecht and took up most of that night.

    And I wasn’t previously aware of Thinking Girl, so thanks for mentioning her; I’ll get reading.

    Good luck with your exams!

  2. I have you both beat! 🙂

    I got into blogging because of Fandom Wank (well, technically Other Than Fandom Wank), which lead me to the feminist LJ, which lead me to Mouse Words (this was before Amanda moved to Pandagon), which introduced me to a whole host of other blogs, which really got my juices going to have my own say in things.

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