Here we go (wherein Jo gets pissed)

This is a long post. You’ve been warned.

I posted this comment to YouTube under this video entitled feminism, which tekanji posted on the Shrub dot com blog:

Thank you for posting this, mzprettykitty. Big kudos to you, courageous enough to brave the non sequitur and downright ugly comments you’re likely to get by posting something like this.

Some of us need to hear it. Others won’t like it.

Oh, and Verlch, you posted non-sequitur comments. Random statistics without references that can be checked are not sufficient to back up your allegations, which, by the way, did in no way address this video or its content.

What I wanted to go on to say (and I may yet) was:

Oh, even if your numbers are substantiated, 15,000 rape convictions out of a population of 150 million is 0.0001, or 1 out of 10,000. Not a particularly high number, especially not compared to the number of women who report rape. There were 66,670 women who reported being raped in 2005, not including attempted rape, sexual assault or threats of rape or sexual assault [US Bureau of Justice Statistics,, Table 02.].

In other words, if you’re going to say it, back it up.

In the two comments that Verlch posted, he/she … well, I’ll just quote it:

Comment 1:

Single mother households produce 85% of the criminals in the world!!!

All feminists think all normal sex is rape!!!

When did motherhood become oppressive!!!

There is 15,000 rape convictions per year! Out of 150 million men!

We have 1000% higher rape accusation rate of any other country as soon as they started compensation programs for so called victims.


1) Teh Numbahs. If you’re going to throw statistics at me, I want to know where they come from. U.S. Bureau of Justice, FBI, CDC: all = good. Wikipedia = okay if they quote and link it. No citation = made up = bad.

2) Relevance. This woman was talking about rape. Her point: men are not held accountable for their roles in perpetuating a culture in which rape occurs; any misogynistic behavior or allowing misogyny to happen is contributing to the problem.

Our good friend Verlch, however, indicated in this post that:

  • a) single mothers are responsible for rapists existing (women without men = at fault);
  • b) feminists call sex rape (uppity wimmins = reactionary! stupid! over emotional!);
  • c) complaining about rape (i.e., sex is teh evil, see b.) = not wanting to have children;
  • d) 15,000/150,000,000 men (1 per 10,000) is either a horrendously high rate of conviction for rape (likely) or women should be grateful that so ‘many’ are going to prison for this;
  • e) women are jumping on some sort of bandwagon to cry ‘rape’ because they get money for it now (uppity wimmins = greedy, liars, greedy liars)

3. Style, or lack thereof. Forced emphasis (!!!). Incorrect grammar. Incorrect punctuation. But the language teacher digresses.

Comment 2:

There are 1 million false allegations levied by women against men per year. Mostly to give women a leg up during divorce so men wouldn’t stand a chance to get their children. Despite the fact that women gain custody in 90% of divorce proceedings. And women get 40 billion per year paid in child support.

Despite all of that, 75% of all single mothers live below the poverty line!!!

4) Mean mean wimmins! This comment was basically a reiteration of e) above, with the addition of one point:

  • Women without men are irresponsible with money (wimmins + child support $$ still = poor!! where it go?? wimmins is teh stoopid.)

    From what I’ve read, this is unfortunately very, very typical. This is my first documented example, but I fear it won’t be the last.


6 thoughts on “Here we go (wherein Jo gets pissed)

  1. YouTube is one of the cesspools of the internet. I occasionally want to make an account and respond to the idiocy, then I remind myself that there’s not enough time in the day to combat the trolls and that it could be better spent elsewhere.

  2. Oh, not that it’s meant to discourage you. I think if someone wants to try to support those who post on YouTube it’s great! I just have enough headaches dealing with stuff at Shrub 🙂

  3. I didn’t take it as discouragement. 🙂 I don’t usually post comments to YouTube at all (because it is so horribly juvenile) but I decided to because this was important to me.

    But yeah, for level of unabashed idiocy, YouTube’s right up there with MySpace.

  4. Yes, nice to see somebody else noticed ol’ Vlerchy. Did you check out his blog? It really is spectacular.

    I’m surprised more people don’t disable comments when they post videos. I know I would if I uploaded anything more contentious than Milli Vanilli parodies.

  5. Nope, I passed on V-Lerch’s blog. I don’t have the emotional energy to get that angry that often. I’m still an Angry-Woman-In-Training, really, and I don’t have the stamina of a Black Belt AW. 🙂

    Might have to check it out later though, after exams. 😉

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