The big S-word

On a blog I’ve begun reading of late the author announced a while back that the organization of a community blog dedicated to talking about sex is now in the works.

This sounds like an absolutely fantastic idea to me. As a person who’s had, erm… issues with sex, I’m all for a place like this.

My summarizing skills have fallen to an all-time low tonight, so please just go to the site (linky above!) and have a look. If you’re interested and qualified, they’re also looking for contributors.


One thought on “The big S-word

  1. I think that “community blog dedicated to talking about sex” is a much sleeker summary than I’ve been able to manage so far. But you’re completely on target… issues with sex are precisely the reason I’ve become so vocal in the past few years–but when I most needed to talk, I felt the least able to do so! Hence, the blog.
    Thanks for your support of the project, and also for my first-ever pingback. : )

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