Check your privilege at the door.

Kudos to Kampire of All Girl Army for the best description of White Male (Heterosexual) (Middle/Upper Class) (Cisgendered) Privilege I’ve read, ever.

It goes:

Privilege is starting a race with the best car and not even knowing it.

And in case you don’t know what Privilege means, here’s some reading that should enlighten you.

This post will be updated occasionally, to include more lovely places in which you may inform yourself, dear reader.

4 thoughts on “Check your privilege at the door.

  1. I love how so many of us keep trying to define privilege in a way that works. It seems there’s an analogy out there for everyone, if only they want to read it. With an open mind, that is.

    For example, I could not use the “heterosexual privilege” post on some of my family – they think that them there gays are evil, after all.

  2. I understand that. I’ve got relatives (and probably some in-laws too, come to think of it) who believe much the same thing — or likely do. (LOTS of Church-of-Christ-ers, and they tend to consider things like drinking and smoking damnable offenses).

    I *also* can imagine people I know being at least moderately understanding about Heterosexual Privilege, but not getting the “Male” part of it.

    I would also have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do to even get the “Cisgendered” idea across…

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