Blog Against Sexual Violence Day 2007: The Linkage Version

Blog Against Sexual Violence logo I hope to have the presence of mind to write a thoughtful, provocative post for Blog Against Sexism Day today, but just in case academia takes over, here are some excerpts and links from the gems I have been reading lately.

How to Prevent Rape:
     “As long as we keep having these conflicting definitions and ideas of rape, we can’t talk about rape. It stays undefined by society. The law may say one thing, but people say and feel and think and believe another. All the “no means no” advertisements in the world aren’t going to make a difference when we don’t even agree on what ‘no’ is. What I think is important if we’re going to move forward on this is to discuss what we’re taught about rape, and how we’re taught it.”
[Feminists Don’t Bake Bread, Blog Against Sexual Violence, 4/5/07]

On being a feminist:
     “[Don’t] be shocked when you don’t even qualify for a feminist lite label because you’re on the right side of no brainer issues like domestic violence and rape. Those are givens. You don’t get gold stars for that.”
[Ginmar, “Pussycat Feminism“, via The Margins]

On not being a rapist:
     “…I can’t be proud of not raping people anymore than I can be proud of not shitting on myself whenever I laugh. Not being a rapist is the default fucking setting.”
[The Talent Show: I Am Not My Cock, 6/17/05]

More later.


6 thoughts on “Blog Against Sexual Violence Day 2007: The Linkage Version

  1. That “I Am Not My Cock” post should be freakin’ required reading for every one. Lord, I’m tired of the “men just can’t control themselves!” meme, and I’ve only been hitting it head on for a few months.

  2. Oh, Jo, it’s Anna. I should change my wordpress login I guess.

  3. Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t get this approved very quickly.. I was asleep. ^^

    BTW, are you one of the Australian contingent? You seem to be ahead of me on the whole date/time thing. ^^

  4. Yup. I’m currently in Perth, but I’m a practicing ex-pat. (That is, I’m from Canada, but spent the last several years hopping between China, the UK, and now Aus.)

  5. I wondered. ^^ That’s the fun part about having the little map in the sidebar… I can guess where people are posting from. ^^

  6. Just wanted to let you know that the 2008 BASV day is set for Thursday, April 3. I would love to have you participate again.

    The announcement is here.

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