What do you think of *me*? [via Thinking Girl]

This is a meme, of sorts. Thinking Girl did this last Friday, and I stole her title played around with it, and made my own Johari window.

For those of you, who, like me, wouldn’t know what this is before going to the site: It’s another of those personality things (which I love to play around with) but this is a ‘you pick adjectives to describe yourself, then let others choose too, and see where they overlap’ type of thing.

So, for my edification: my interactive Johari window. Please play around and tell me what you think.

Oh! And if you make one of your own, post a li’l comment with the linky linky, please. ^^

EDIT: Random note — I imported my Blogger posts to this site (all 667 of them!) and I will be going through them to take out stuff I don’t want here. It was, quite frankly, an experiment, and primarily for the purpose of keeping all my stuff in one place. I may add more sometime, but for now I’ve got enough to deal with in this one Blogger account. ^^