Here comes the theocracy

The first full sentence to hit my ears this morning was from an NPR report that the Supreme Court has voted to hold up partial birth abortion legislation. What I first heard, however, was this:

The decision, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, stated the right to legislate on moral grounds … and that there would have to be proof that a significant number of women would be harmed by the legislation for it to be struck down.*

*All this was heard in a fog, and the audio isn’t up yet on I’ll be checking that and editing the exact quote in as soon as I can today.

What I heard was that 1) legislators could take their moral positions on something as controversial as abortion and make them law and 2) that harming a few women isn’t enough to make the illegality of a practice immoral.

There will be more analysis later, I can promise you. Strong opinions apply here. But I want to get my facts absolutely straight before I launch into anything inflammatory.

EDIT #1: And, as usual, I’m behind. The decision was made yesterday, and Amanda posted a great article at Pandagon yesterday, wherein she gets to the heart of the matter. And there are almost 100 comments there now. Do go read it. It’ll be good for you.