Vanity and Oddity

ClustrMaps make me feel important, ’cause I can see where my “readers” (hits) are coming from, speaking in the ISP sort of way.

The list of places apparently includes Bermuda now. Weird.

UPDATE: A little more vanity. I just found out that someone followed my link to a post at Shrub dot com [see?]… and I feel, well, like a seven-year-old does when she’s just been told how grown-up she’s getting. *does a little dance* This is right up there with the first time I found out I was linked somewhere. *massive grin*


4 thoughts on “Vanity and Oddity

  1. Yeah, I was playing with the map you can put up using the sidebar widgets in WordPress, if only to improve my geography, since ClustrMaps aren’t exactly accurate to 1″ = 1 mi.

    Of course, the fact that I *could* see my house, quite literally, on the satellite and hybrid maps… well, that kind of turned me off of that map option.

    Where’s the little map that visitors can just list their city, so I know how accurate my ClustrMap is? (43places, maybe?)

  2. Looked at MapLoco, actually, and it looks like ClustrMaps (a knockoff?)

    Seriously, I just want the city. I’ve actually gotten dots on places I’m not intimately familiar with (i.e., everywhere I haven’t lived!) and I’d love for people to do my homework for me. 😉

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