It’s the little things.

It’s always chicken butt.

Like this terribly accurate depiction of the early days of our marriage. Yes, really. [link]

Do go see him. David Malki ! is also the creator of what is possibly my favorite Alien loves Predator strip ever.

ALSO: I discovered today. Yay for NSFW parody sites.

Note: In typing the first time, I transposed two letters. You guess which ones.

ALSO, again: I’m a little hacked at WordPress making full CSS customization something you pay for. I mean, what gives? Even if I just want to make slight color alterations… *sigh*.

AUCH: Facebook is occasionally quite entertaining, like when this happens:

Which came first?

(Chuck is an acquaintance from elementary school — and his wife, Alice, had a FB account long before he did. He just added me as a friend tonight, and I was #4, so I’m guessing his account is brand-spankin-new.)


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