Ah, Empowerfulment.

On my way into class this morning, I was greeted a sight in the ubiquitous medium of sidewalk chalk, so prevalent on college campuses.

It read (or so I thought):

Tired of Women Being Objectified?
Calendar Tryouts

So before I went of onto a rant about using feminism to lure women into a sense of empowerfulment, I went to check the chalk ad for accuracy.

Turns out, the “Women of KU” ad consisted of just the last three lines.

There was a little arrow directing readers of “Tired of Women Being Objectified? to another ad, one advertising this (which appeared in my email box not long after):

—–Original Message—–
From: owner-orgs-l@listproc.cc.ku.edu on behalf of [real person]
Sent: Mon 4/30/2007 10:40 PM
To: orgs-l
Subject: Join CSW this Tuesday night for fun, food and music!

Join the Commission on the Status of Women TODAY for:

Salon Nouveau: Promiscuous Girls and Other Topics in Modern Music

Come discuss women and modern music!

We will have.

Music videos
And more!

Tuesday, May 1 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Hawk’s Nest: 1st floor KS Union

And I was going to have SO much FUN ripping the Empowerfulment Movement a new one.

I am glad that the advertisers for that abomination of a calendar that pitiful excuse for empowerfulment Women of KU were NOT, in fact, using feminist idea(l)s to further corrupt women into thinking that Empowerfulness == Feminism.

The research Google search I did isn’t going to go to waste, however.

In searching for WoKU, I found the photographer who takes the pictures in the first place, who works at the local paper. Apparently he does this to “make people happy”:

“There are people out there who know I’ve been around the block [as a professional photographer/journalist] a couple of times, and the first question they still ask is, ‘What’s it like to photograph the “Women of K.U.?”‘” he said, laughing. “So I make sure they get a copy for them just to see them smile.

“It’s fun.”

Yep, people smile when they see women objectified. Oh, um, I meant heterosexual sexist men do. And maybe women and men who buy into the Empowerful business. I can tell you that I don’t smile at the thought of pictures of scantily clad young female college students sold $10 for a 12-pack.

Right now, I’m too mad to give this last bit a good analysis, although I know it’s there. Feel free to leave your opinions on this matter (as always, taking into account teh rulez).

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