So I was cruising through referrers to my blog…

… and I came across this:

Viking Fish, (c) Vanessa of Plucky Punk
The Viking Fish Store

This just makes me happy. The fish-parody thing has been done to death, but this one was actually new to me. And accurate, at least up until 1000 C.E.

So, in the interests of beating a dead horse, post your favorite fishies here!


4 thoughts on “So I was cruising through referrers to my blog…

  1. I *almost* bought one of their shirts last Christmas, but settled on a “Darwin is my Homeboy” one.

    I like this one. I bought a kids’ book about sea animals a second hand place, and the author spends most of it ripping into various species of fish for being ugly instead of actually teaching the reader anything. They should file a class action.

  2. And it’s a flounder. Unintelligent design, indeed.

    I don’t usually go around wearing shirts with any sort of advertising/opinions on them (except for the occasional braille t-shirt) but I could almost spring for a sticker or something. (Part of me just wants to collect these things, hence this post. ^^)

    Ripping on fish for being ugly?? What was the author trying to do, appeal to kids’ sense of bullying while reinforcing the patriarchal standard beauty==value?

    Class action. On the author and the publishers.

  3. Why on earth shouldn’t you? *is confused*

    I just don’t like paying companies to promote stuff for them (which, incidentally, only ends up being something to distract from my eyes). IBTP. ^^

    Hehe. Da Vinci Cod.

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