I think I’ll go for a walk!

Nope, not dead yet. ^^

Since folks were kind enough to check on me after this last absence of three weeks, I figured I’d neglected ye blog long enough. Admittedly, I’ve had some good reasons to be gone.

1) Finals week. I only had two finals, but I started a job that week too, so I didn’t really do anything else but work, study and read for fun to keep my sanity.

2) I congratumalated! Da author is officially the owner of (more) letters after her name, so there was much rejoicing! (Yay!) Parents + inlaws were in town for the day of, Korean food, coffee and conversation were had, and it was fun times all around. Much theological discussion at the hands of my Da, my Da-in-law, and my sis: Methodist, Mennonite and recently-converted Catholic, respectively (and respectfully, too).

3) Da Job! In the most ironic turn of events, I was hired in produce at the local co-op. I really like the place, have for years, and just randomly decided to put in an application for the hell of it, even though I had no clue what jobs might be available. I got a call the next day, interviewed the Friday before Finals Week, and started that Tuesday.

Da Job is Good Times ™ because a) I am a foodie b) my body needs more physical work than just sitting on my butt and c) Shrink.

Shrink is loosely translated as “food that’s not pretty enough to sell but still good enough to eat”. Shrink goes home with employees. Shrink includes most fresh fruits and veggies, lots of bread, leftover deli snackies that are good lunch augmentation, the occasional carton of chocolate milk, and, about once a week, something really cool from the meat dept that needs to be cooked that day.

We had roast, Kashi pilaf and mixed greens last night for dinner, with fruit salad for dessert. Stuff in that meal I actually bought: the Kashi, olive oil, shredded coconut, salt. I *heart* my job.

(I do not heart WordPress’s inability to write this little heart icon without putting code tags around it. I lost a substantial portion of post because of a little <3. ;_;)

Oh well, it’s in the aether now.

I think it was about Da Plan, as it stands now: I have a job that will pay the bills (and put food on the table, ha ha) and time to do something with my degree: translation. I’m gonna be spending my weekdays that I don’t work at Ye Co-Op in translating articles to hone my skills, all the while trying to get gigs translating. Since I’ll only be working Mon-Wed-Sat, I should be able to do that quite nicely. And blogging. And nightgigging.

I’m a-likin’ my life. ^^

A little addendum to this whole thing: About two months ago my cousin had a baby, and I have pictures! Isn’t he the cutest?!!

sleepy Boyce.


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