Addendum to: Who *would* cry rape?

Having read Thinking Girl‘s first guest post on Slant Truth (which boils down to “if you have privilege where another person doesn’t, and they feel marginalized, demeaned, etc.: shut up, listen and believe them. It’s their experience, not yours”), this thought ran across my head while catching up on the Twisty archives:

I believe a rape allegation because I wasn’t there, and she/he was, and that was her experience. If a woman says she was raped, the case needs to be taken seriously. Let the courts/judge decide, based on actual evidence, presented fairly.

Virtually everyone calls the reliability of a rape victim into question. The general consensus by the ugly side of the media machine (FOX News, I’m talking about YOU), once the declaration of insufficient evidence has been made, suddenly nothing has happened and ‘the girl’
made it all up.

Just because the prosecution couldn’t get up enough witnesses / the witnesses were not treated as credible doesn’t mean nothing happened.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Defense rests.


2 thoughts on “Addendum to: Who *would* cry rape?

  1. The phenomenon you describe is so perniciously common, it has a name: double victimization. You see it often in ethnic minority literature too–because it’s not enough to be dehumanized; you must testify *convincingly* to prove your humanity.

  2. Thanks for the cloo, tanglethis. I’ve been in the patriarchal system of education for far too long — I find I don’t know the important things, far, far too often. ^^

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