If I may pimp…

… my dearest Kit did a commissioned piece for a friend and is doing a limited print run to sell on Etsy.

Save Yourself by Kathryn ‘Kit’ White

This is for a little girl’s wall. One print has been sold, and the buyer commented thusly: “I decided upon seeing your piece that the Disney Princesses poster Had. To. Go.”

This, kids, makes me Very Happy Indeed.


6 thoughts on “If I may pimp…

  1. Yep. I heart it, muchly.

    The fact that my dearest friend on this earth is happily and independently on the feminist journey just makes me smile, in a big and wholehearted way.

  2. *hugs* thanks, jo!

    the print can be for adults, too. you don’t have to be a kid or have a kid to want one. 8^)

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