Excuse me, but is that your privilege?

So I was having a conversation with two (female) co-workers. It was actually a moderately serious one, at that; J had seen “The Future of Food” and we were discussing the state of American agriculture (did I mention I’m working in the produce dept. of a co-op? It was even relevant.)

And this other guy, from another department, comes in, hears J and the subject matter, and interrupts her to playfully mock her with “Ooh, J has an opinion!!!”

How demeaning is it to just interrupt a conversation that’s not yours with something that not only doesn’t contribute to the conversation, but makes fun of the participants for having an opinion in the first place.

Privilege is being able to automatically assume that whatever conversation was going on 1) isn’t as important as your contribution, however inappropriate and 2) has earned your mockery if it is even remotely controversial.


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