Creepy Proselytizer (Part One, probably)

So I’m sitting at home with da spouse, minding my own business when a middle aged man shows up at our door. The screen door was the only one closed, so we saw him before he had a chance to knock.

Da Spouse gets up to see what he wants. “Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ?” the man says. “We’re not interested,” Da Spouse says, and the man went away.

This being a fairly common experience in the not-terribly-urban Midwest, I didn’t think much about it.

Then I spoke with my neighbor, a slightly younger woman than me who lives in the studio apartment (convered garage) that my now-spouse lived in when I met him. Apparently, the wannabe preacher went to see her after trying to talk to us.

This is where the creepy comes in. First of all, he didn’t go to her front door, which was fully visible from our front stoop, since we live in the upstairs of the old house next to her studio. He went into her backyard (which is also visible from our front stoop) and was on her patio and starting to walk into her open back door when she saw him and said, with the hopes of stopping him at the door, “Can I help you?”

He started his spiel, and then proceeded to not take “I’m not interested” for an answer for twenty minutes, during which time her dog got out into the main yard and evaded her grasp for ten minutes. When she had recaptured the errant pup, the guy followed her back into her apartment and started commenting about what a nice place she had, and how he could see that she lived alone (!). She began grilling him (since he wanted to talk to her about Jesus and all) about if he had any pamphlets (he didn’t), what church he was with (none), and if he had a business card (guess). He then asked her for her phone number. She refused, of course, but took down his name, phone number and address (WTF??).

My very smart neighbor then proceeded to call the local police (not 911) to report suspicious activity.

I now open this topic for discussion. What was this guy really after, folks?


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