Holy NC-17, Batman!

If my life were a movie, I have the sinking sensation it would be PG-13, at best. This blog, however, is rated a whopping:

Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

Dig that shit, man. Oh, I probably just upped the ratings by adding “shit” (twice now). Why do I suddenly feel like I’m on South Park?

I’m seriously interested to know, since this wee site rates an ‘R’ for the occurrence of ‘sex’ (6x), ‘rape’ (4x), ‘breast’ (3x), ‘crap’ (2x), and ‘hell’ (1x):

1) why in the world “fuck” or its variants aren’t in this list!


2) what Richie would rate.

Go on Richie. Tell us. ^^

Heh, I just upped the counts again. I’m a bad mamma-jamma.


3 thoughts on “Holy NC-17, Batman!

  1. Haha! I should try that. The absolute rant I had a while ago was definitely under a ‘more’ tag. Fantastic. I get to tell my hubby that I’m not just R-rated. ^^

    EDIT: If I go by links like this: https://nightgigjo.wordpress.com/page/3/, then I get an NC-17 on this one, as is page 5. ^^

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