When the hormones do the grocery shopping

cacao nibs
Theobromine, the active ingredient in these delightfully potent cacao nibs,
is what I need to just survive some days.

…this is what I get, really, and I deserve it completely.

  • Chocolate gelato
  • Coconut sorbet
  • Local pecans, shelled and halved
  • Organic Bing Cherries, fresh
  • Organic raw cacao nibs

Add those things together, and you get what after work treat I had to have, in order to recover from my day. I also bought sliced almonds, four individual packs of dark chocolate covered dried cranberries, a six-pack of whole-foods knockoff Dr. Pepper, a small block of cheese and a pound of coffee (Organic Mind Body and Soul, for you/us, O Da Spouse).

So I basically spent $35 on vices.


I did need the ultra-powered chocolate-goodness though. That was possibly the best sundae I’ve ever had in my life, and it lasted all of about three minutes.

But I’m full, and content, which is more than I can say for when I left work.

Of course, it’s the sheer availability of most of these items that makes me love this town — and the employee discount that makes me love my job.

On one geeky note: I’m helping a friend of mine do research for a web comic (graphic novel?) she’s writing (yes, really) and I went to the public library this afternoon for materials. What I came home with: Teach Yourself Romanian and a CD of Romanian/Hungarian Gypsy music.


4 thoughts on “When the hormones do the grocery shopping

  1. Haha… I was trolling the “sex” tag looking for potential victims for Sex Calumny, and there you are!

    Three things, then.

    1. I already thought of you once today, because I saw a post entitled “Da Gay Wedding” and I thought of how you use “da” as an article all the time… and then I realized the rest of the post was in German. (Making, I guess, “gay wedding” a borrowed American phrase the way “chewing gum” is in French?)
    2. When I lived in roommate situations, we shared groceries, but there was always one item of which we accidentally had as many units as there were roommates. 2003 – four jars of peanut butter. 2004 – four half-eaten jars of strawberry jam. 2005 – three big bags of semisweet chocolate chips. O_O
    3. There’s a new documentaryish film about gypsies coming out soon… I saw a preview Sunday.

  2. Aww! I got thot of! 🙂

    1. I wondered about the “Da” in a German context, so I googled “Da Gay Wedding”. I think the site you’re talking about is actually in Swedish (very close, though, Swedish is a Germanic language ^^).

    1b. Who knew I was using a Swedish article when I was just being cute and punny (in a vaguely Russian sort of way).

    2. I tend towards repeat grocery items anyway, simply because I’m of the “well, I can’t remember if we have it but we’ll use it” school of grocery decision-making. That’s how I ended up with *four* bottles of white vinegar all at the same time, all on my own.

    3. I heard something about that on NPR, actually, and I was intrigued. Something about a ‘Gypsy’ music tour? Different Rom bands, each with a completely different language and history, but some of whom shared songs they knew? Cool stuff.

    1c. It really, really surprises me sometimes when I’m remembered. Seriously. I don’t consider myself to be horribly memorable (although Da Spouse, biased as he is, argues otherwise), and teh Interweb is a big big place.

  3. You know what you can do with four bottles of white vinegar?

    I don’t. Never mind. : )

    The internet is a big place fo’ sure, but some time ago you happened across my place and commented thoughtfully and mentioned you were from somewhere like I’m from, and I went ::click:: Blogsurfer. So I see what’s recently going on at your place often, and comment when I’m not being too lazy.

    Don’t be surprised. I told you, I *saw* you on Top Posts sometime ago! : D

  4. Awww, tanglethis, I’m still feelin’ the love. ^^

    Sometimes I have a moment of clarity wherein I realize that my self-perception is horribly skewed. I’ve gotten quite a few of them recently, this little conversation provoking one of them.

    I may have to revisit this in a post sometime soon (and I have a whole lovely tag, ‘narcissa’, devoted to such navel-gazing).

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