Feminists in public

I’ve been back to reading the occasional feminist blog, as well as Salon.com’s Broadsheet. Usually I just read the articles, without even realizing, I guess, that there was a comments section too.

Perhaps, though, my subconscious was protecting me from what I was certain would be there.

What is intriguing (well, discouraging, really) to me is that the first (or early) response to each post there is some sort of personal attack, or statement meant to belittle, demean, or trivialize the topic — and usually by an anonymous poster.

Taken collectively, these comments make one statement — “Shut up, you stupid broad.”

The effort that goes into silencing women is really astounding at times. Some examples of the misogyny that is thrown at these writers for daring to have a feminist perspective (that isn’t really all that extreme, compared to other places) are included in the wee gallery below.

I’m planning to write up my responses/reactions to these tomorrow after work. My challenge to you: pick one, and pick it apart. Have fun, and make the comments section nice and messy. ^^