It must be the anti-communist rhetoric.

Incidentally, according to The Great Firewall of China, this URL is blocked in The People’s Republic.

On the other hand, apparently I need God.

Coincidence? Or unseemly paradox?

AND: Another take on the Faith Hill + Redbook controversy.

EDIT: I’m full of randomness today. I go to visit a friend’s website (she’s Turkish) and I think about learning Turkish. I do a search for ‘learn Turkish’, and this is the first thing I see on the first page I click on:


Anyone else find the unfortunate verbiage 1) funny, in a punny sort of way and/or 2) strangely telling?


2 thoughts on “It must be the anti-communist rhetoric.

  1. Da Spouse showed me that link a few months back, and I wasn’t banned yet. Apparently I’m on the radar now. I guess I should be flattered — these writings aren’t so insignificant as to be ignored by Chinese censors.

    This blog is, to all appearances, popular in Australia. I wonder how that happened? ~_^

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