There and back again.

No dragons, no treasure, no dwarfs, and no wizards.

Just mountains, coffee shops, a little cottage and quiet.

It was just what I needed: a week off in the wilds of Boulder, CO with Da Spouse, celebrating our wedding anniversary, although that doesn’t really feel like the huge milestone it’s taken to be (but that’s another post, and a positive one!) I will be posting pics tomorrow, most likely, if I’m not helping my sister pack up the moving van / boxes to go on the moving van.

It was also the reason for the hiatus this time.

Since we got back, I think the cat has spent nearly every waking hour with me that I was physically in the house. I think she missed me. ^^

I’ve been reading through older posts tonight, mostly in the spirit of maintenance, and I’m realizing that what I write doesn’t stink. In fact, it seems much smarter than it feels when first I put the proverbial pen (er, pixel) to paper (um, screen).

So maybe I’ll keep doing this, eh?

And I picked another theme, which will do for now. I may have to migrate this blog over to another server, just so I can use my own theme (once I get it written).

Incidentally, if you haven’t heard (of) Gogol Bordello, start now. Two words: Gypsy Punk. It’s truly fantastic, and positively infectious. NPR has a recorded concert on All Songs Considered, either at the website [click Listen] or in podcast form. Go ahead. It’s Not A Crime.


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