Porntastic spam analysis, due to biblical reference. No really.

Since I’ve started blogging about more serious topics including rape and pornography, I’ve gotten more spam comments with that triple-x combination in the websites they link to. I’m not every really surprised by this. Akismet does such a good job that I occasionally check Ye Comments in case some un-spam was mistakenly classified as actual spam.

That hasn’t happened yet, but still.

Today, in performing this whim-come-duty, I read through a collection of (a mere 19) spam comments, and this one caught my attention, briefly:

Odd Spam Comment. Magdalena.

This one is actually, well, somewhat deep. It’s obviously supposed to make the incautious blogger click away to something utterly porntastic, what with the masturbation reference and all (that’s a woman masturbating, by the way: watching / seeing photos of a male masturbating – alone- is not porn). But the use of the handle “Magdalena” intrigued me (not enough to post or even click the links — duh).

The whore-turned-saint mythology surrounding the biblical figure Mary of Magdala is, to my mind, the example of patriarchal spin-doctoring at it’s most unfailingly misogynistic. The two most popular stereotypical characterizations of women are the Virgin and the Whore. Mary Magdalen is, therefore, the counterpart to the Madonna — the exact opposite of the virginal mother of Christ. Yet, she was a disciple of Christ, “apostle to the Apostles”, and one of the first witnesses to the Resurrection (the first ‘recorded witness’, the Catholic Encyclopedia points out). In the Christian lore I’ve been exposed to, she is a sinful woman saved by serving Christ, the woman redeemed by love and service to God+Man.

The reference to Mary Magdalen doesn’t actually surprise me, but the body of text asks “How can I become a saint? *wink*”. Besides the more obvious “Hey, they might actually know that Magdalena is a saint’s name!” duh-point, the line’s effect is to indicate that the person (woman) you are about to see depicted (if you click the link, that is) is doing things that are guaranteed to send her (effectively) to Hell.

Which is, of course, supposed to tantalize and tempt, and it’s not the first time that a woman in any kind of possession of her sexuality has been compared to the devil.

(Incidentally, the aforelinked Catholic Encyclopedia entry on Mary Magdalen, in the version of events they advocate:

“At the Passion she stands near by; she sees Him laid in the tomb; and she is the first witness of His Resurrection–excepting always His Mother, to whom He must needs have appeared first, though the New Testament is silent on this point.”

Amazingly, the Whore can’t possibly come before the Mother, even when, by their own admission, there is no textual evidence.)


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