I’m cute!

…with my new haircut. See?

Me with a new ‘do. ^^


8 thoughts on “I’m cute!

  1. It is a great haircut!

    I just got mine cut, too. If my home computerz weren’t all AMOK AND AMESS, I could figure out how to put pictures from my digital camera to the internets. Alas, we’ll have to wait.

  2. This is why I love my iMac. The camera’s in the monitor (top center) and Photo Booth (a wee picture-taking program) saves the pic directly to the HD.

    I still have the digital camera, but this is handy for fulfilling my narcissism. ^^

  3. Da spouse:

    Did you comment directly from Google Reader, or is work preventing you from, you know, viewing images?

  4. According to my mother, I did that once — I trimmed my own bangs at age five or six. Apparently, I decided that I wanted scalp-length.

    I’ve let someone else cut my hair ever since.

  5. That is way cute! I just lopped off mine too – it’s coiled on my desk now (ew!) waiting to be sent to locks for love. Short hair rocks.

  6. I did that once, when I went from waist-long to shoulder-length just after high school. My hair’s been that long a couple of times since, but once I got it short-short like this about a year ago, I swore I’d never go back.

    It’s just so damn easy.

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