This is all it takes to get me started

It’s a simple, step-by-step process.

  1. Check Google Reader.
  2. Click “The Girl Gamer” feed.
  3. See title: “Behold my army! They are small and plastic!
  4. Look at the cute FFVI sprites in those funky melt-with-an-iron beads.
  5. Remember playing the original FFon the NES.
  6. Google Image-search “Final Fantasy NES Sprites“.
  7. Click on something that looks like a shirt.
  8. Click on ‘How to make your own NES cross stitch
  9. Spend 10 minutes manually downloading all the FF sprites from Video Game Sprites.
  10. Try to justify starting ANOTHER project when I’m already supposed to be knitting hats for the nephews/niece for Christmas.
  11. Blog the steps necessary to reach this point.
  12. Rince.
  13. Repeat until exhaustion or reader revolt.

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