It is So. Wrong.

I like you…

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5 thoughts on “OMFG

  1. Oh, WTF? doesn’t even cover it. What kind of book is that, anyway? A Japanese-to-English patriarchidictionary?

  2. From IBtP:

    It IS terrible. I do suspect it may be a photoshop, but that doesn’t take away from the repulsiveness of it.

  3. @kristi: I think you just made my day! A patriarchidictionary! Those are everywhere.

    @luxdancer: Thanks for coming by! Yes, even if it’s a photoshop, someone still thought it was true enough to be funny.

  4. It isn’t a photoshop, it’s as intended by the book’s writer.

    Without being able to see the entire page, or knowing where this is from, as someone who can read Japanese, if you look at the left hand side where the cartoon strip is, and the questionable English, the speech bubble under that says “NO, that’s wrong” As entirely inappropriate as the sentence is, it could be an example of misusing a word that has many different meanings, as the right hand page tries to explain, as in, they’re explaining that you can use fuck to say fuck off, that’s totally fucked up, my brother’s fucked in the head, I want to fuck you, etc etc. And the girl has used the word in the wrong context, hence the “NO” response. Why they would take that as the example on the right hand side I have no idea.

    But I suspect this is from a book on learning English slang and swear words. Of course, since I can’t see the rest of the cartoon, she could actually just be objecting to the fact that her sister has just told someone to come over and fuck her, but it’s a bit hard to tell from what we can see.

    It doesn’t make it better, an editor, (if not the original writer!) should know better, and it’s an entirely inappropriate sentence to use even as an example, but I have to say I’ve seen similar things in books written for Westerners wanting to learn Japanese slang – 20 pages of terms for vagina with example sentences, etc. It’s clearly a book aimed at disgusting, porn-obsessed gutter minded individuals, most likely teenage boys.

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