Fiber Geekery: Dress-A-Day

Yes, I sew. No, I don’t usually wear dresses. (In fact, I think the last time Da Spouse saw me in one was at our wedding, better than a year ago.)


I am a fabric fiend — I have a bad habit of collecting it and not actually, you know, making it into something. Mostly I just need time, but I also need.

Dress-A-Day is a good place to get that inspiration. Nifty vintage patterns, finished projects, sewing tips, book reviews and, apparently, a wiki. I ran across a link to it somewhere and curiosity followed. Therein contained was a link to BurdaStyle, a great site for open-source patterns (get that!), some of which look easy enough even for my unpracticed (well, out-of-practice) hand.

All this has to wait until I’ve finished knitting the presents for Ye Kidlings (4 nephews, 1 niece, all 8 or under). I’ll be posting pictures into an album on my Flickr account of each project, while underway and when completed.


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