Blogroll Love, and Calling Out The Trolls; plus Bonus LOLcat!

The delightfully blaming Cara-he has a new blog, and she’s blogrolled me AND reprinted one of my more ranty posts. I’m flattered and abashed and proud and everything!

It was a happy happy thing to wake up to this morning.

The other comment sitting in the moderation queue wasn’t quite as fun, at least not as ego-bloating. On an old post (I was immediately suspicious), I saw that it was made by an actual blogger, and wasn’t the typical spammity spam I get on rants three months old.

So I decided to give it a whirl. I approved the comment, and replied. Have a look, if you like.

EDITED to add this:

Indy Cat


2 thoughts on “Blogroll Love, and Calling Out The Trolls; plus Bonus LOLcat!

  1. Dear Jo – you back-posted me! That is sweeeet! How could I not post it? It’s a perfect introduction.

    Also, *blushes*.

  2. Of course I did! You’re like the first person to quote me, EVAR!!!!11eleventy!

    I was blushing then too, by the way. ^^ It’s so funny that praise is So. Hard. for us to accept. We’re so un-used to it! (Guess what? I blame.)

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