My Little (Rasta) Pony

Not mine, per se. And really, people are altering everything these days — Roombas being the latest revelation to my sheltered self — but I’d have never thought of modding My Little Ponies. This is fantastic.

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Photo credit: Kameron Hurley

Makes me want to get all artistic with any childhood toy I can lay my hands on. I wonder if anyone’s retrofitted He-Man and She-Ra yet?


4 thoughts on “My Little (Rasta) Pony

  1. By the power of Greyskull, somebody needs to do He-Man and She-Ra too. Not to mention Battlecat. (I’m embarrassed to say how old I was when I watched that show…)

  2. She-ra figurines, even “bait” ones, run pretty pricey, and they’re a lot harder to get a hold of than pony baits.

    I can get pony baits for about a dollar a piece (there’s a pony modding culture out there – folks doing stuff far, far more impressive than I do).

    She-ras will run you at least $3-5, and that’s for bare bones figures.

    Um, not that I’ve ever looked into that… heh heh

  3. I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore. Everything has been done, even if I didn’t manage to think of it until now. I remember playing with MLPs back in the day (G1, of course! har har) and we sure customized them then, if you count pulling out the tails and getting marker on them. Somehow I doubt the folks at those links you provided, Kameron, would appreciate the, um, artistic bent of me as an eight-year-old.

    I had the She-Ra figurines too, a few years later. They didn’t suffer like the MLPs, but they’re also long gone, garage-saled away with the rest of my childhood toys.

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