God is dead.

But only in a manner of speaking. Nietzche was only right insofar as a certain concept of God can be compared to the quintessential abuser, certain religious tenets redacting to “I love you, don’t make me hurt you”.

Kind of like Ike Turner, who died December 12, still denying he had ever beaten Tina, and, according to his biographer, still womanizing at least into his late 60s [story at the bottom of this page].

Analogy credit: Da Spouse


5 thoughts on “God is dead.

  1. It all depends on what your definition of “beat” is. Apparently, punching doesn’t count.

  2. Yeah, I love this line quoted as being from his biography:

    “Sure, I’ve slapped Tina … There have been times when I punched her to the ground without thinking. But I never beat her.”

    Ike was completely assured of his entitlement to hit a woman in any way for any reason and not call it beating. He quite possibly died believing he was justified in this shit, that what he did to Tina wasn’t over the invisible line between love and abuse.

    Whatevs, dead dood.

  3. But, Jo, have you forgotten that just as the privileged class gets to decide which of their remarks and behavior the oppressed class is allowed to take offense to, the abusers get to define what is and is not abuse?

    Because apparently we live in Grand Theft Auto 3.

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