I was part of something good.

I sent a rather nasty letter to Picasa, expressing my disappointment with them that this woman‘s post-breast-cancer-surgery pics were pulled yesterday, but I managed to find pornographic images still on the site.

Late yesterday, the pictures were restored. Apparently, the outpouring from friends and internet acquaintances and coverage in The Consumerist were enough to get Google to look at the photos more closely, or simply put them back up, complete with comments.

I am really very glad that I did something. It wasn’t much, but I was so angry that, yet again, images of women in scanty-if-existant clothing arching their backs or, in the case of the example photo I linked in my message, bound and gagged in a pose more like torture than anything else, that these were “acceptable” (they aren’t) and this woman’s scars weren’t.

For now, I’m keeping my Gmail account. For now. This was one instance, but it would be naive of me to think that it’s the only one there has been, or ever will be.


4 thoughts on “I was part of something good.

  1. Know what you mean. I sent out an email (come to think of it, *via* my gmail address), but the danger is still there, because we don’t own our email addresses, or our blogs or really any of the space we use on the internet to store our work. The work, sure, it is ours, but even then we don’t control who gets hold of it or how they use it (I was just reading slacktivist about that).
    Considering that we are some of the most vulnerable members of society, in that our opinions are so anti-patriarchy, do we have any means of self-protection other than hard drives and ultimately paper copies?

  2. That’s a really good point carahe – I’m going to make paper copies of my blog posts asap.

    Well done nightgigjo and everyone who helped with the picassa snafu.

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