Fiber Geekery: Crocheting, and a return to the Afghan

Author’s note: This is largely a reminder post, because I have made some progress on the afghan, and have yet to update my pictures yet. I also have some pics to take for my Ravelry stash, because I’ve gotten So Much Yarn in the last few weeks.

The official yarn color count is now approaching 20. I started out with five, if you recall. I am such an addict.

I got more skeins than I needed of a really great blue, though, so I decided to crochet a bag for my knitting, or maybe for taking my swim stuff to the pool this summer. It’s my first real crochet project, and so far it appears to be a good one for a beginner. You pretty much just make a chain and connect it to the previous row every few loops or so with a single crochet. The straps will be made with rows of single crochet, if memory serves.

But, since I’m now nearly overflowing with Classic Elite Flash yarn in various marled hues, I should really be getting back to the afghan. I mean, I have three months, sure, but the first 25% took me two weeks, and I’ll have to take another hiatus or four between now and completion.

Besides, the sooner I finish the afghan, the sooner I can start in on another baby blanket. I’m not starting another big project though, to intersperse with the first one. I’m no dummy. That’s a recipe for never finishing a blanket, ever. I’ll stick with small distractions like washcloths and amigurumi.


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