Fiber Geekery: Why yes, I am obsessed. How kind of you to notice.

I’ve found an official addiction, of a kind I never thought I’d have: Trying to Find New Colors of A Discontinued Yarn, or “Colorway Hunter’s Syndrome”.

I wonder sometimes if I’d still be doing this blanket at all if I wasn’t “having” to track the yarn down, skein by precious skein, instead of being able to just trot down to Local Yarn Store (hereafter LYS) and pick some up.

I started with three colors that I purchased at LYS, decided I really liked the yarn, discovered that it had been, in fact, discontinued, which was why I’d gotten it On Sale in the first place, acquired one more color from LYS, and then started browsing around for another color or two for the Kids’ Hats Christmas Gift Project of 2007. I did find another color, and then another. So, with five marled and one solid in my stash, I had this brilliant idea to use up the scraps: Making a patchwork afghan.

Except that the scraps themselves might have made a Patchwork Tea-Towel, and were quite insufficient for even a crib size blanket, which is what I was going for.

The hunt gathered steam, and has now managed to gain me not one, not two, but thirteen additional marled colors and one more solid, with another marled color on the way. With the official color count at 19 (plus solids for the border) I’m looking at a blanket at least 42″ square, with no color repeated in any ‘strip’ I knit.


But! I have 70 Whole Squares knitted so far, in 7 strips of various length.

the afghan, so far

Just 12 to 13 strips to go, with a possible total of 330 squares left to knit.

What have I gotten myself into?

If I can finish it in the final three months of my pregnancy, I’ll have a great cotton blanket for the newly arriving Kiddo. If not, maybe Baby’s First Christmas?


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