One week in Philadelphia

That’s how long I’ve been here. It feels like at least two.

Friday last – entirely devoted to air travel with a very scared orange cat. I did manage to have enough energy to walk down to a little restaurant a few block from our apartment called Mama Palma’s. We had beautiful, delicious pizza (Margherita) and salad (spinach with bacon, walnuts and Gorgonzola) and discovered $7 beer (yay for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board).

See the pretty pizza and my serious tired.

See the pretty pizza and my serious tired.

Saturday – We headed out to IKEA (for furniture, because we didn’t bring so much) about 9:00 Saturday morning, and, lo and behold, there was a farmer’s market not 100 feet from our front door.

Taken from my front stoop, looking north to Fitler Square.

Taken from my front stoop, looking north to Fitler Square.

We did achieve furniture (two chairs and a bedframe), and it was all delivered and assembled before we went to bed Saturday night.

Sunday – Sunday was a long walk through our neighborhood up to Rittenhouse Square, where we were hit up by petitioners with voter reg forms (I filled out the voter registration, and neglected the petition itself), had brunch at DiBruno Bros. (which was pretty good), and took a walk from there to Trader Joe’s. By the time we walked home, we’d gone about two and a half miles on foot, not including the places we went into and walked around. Needless to say, preggo-woman was tired, and dinner was take-out.

Monday through Wednesday – I began my independent exploration of the neighborhood, taking some time for internet browsing at the Good Karma Cafe, a neat place a block from the house, which serves Equal Exchange coffees. I hadn’t quite caught up on rest, though, so I pretty much stuck to the cafe, the hardware store, and the grocery three blocks down. We cooked the first meal in our house Tuesday night (a pasta and chicken concoction). Another farmer’s market was running Wednesday afternoon at a park four blocks away, and I got a LOT of organically grown (if not certified) produce there, most of which is still waiting to be used in the fridge. We also discovered a halal butcher shop a block from the house as well, and managed to cook some chicken chops for dinner Wednesday night that we’d purchased there.

Thursday – One of Joel’s coworkers, Liz, took us on a driving tour of Philly that afternoon, which was really quite fun. Parking the car when we got back, however, was quite the feat — or rather, finding a parking spot was. Joel dropped me off and it was a full fifteen minutes before he found a spot. Reason #72: Why We’re Selling The Car. It’s really more trouble than it’s worth.

Which leaves me with today. So far I haven’t done much of anything, and I don’t really plan to. Energy has been sporadic lately, and I’ve been sleeping more, from pure physical exhaustion (yay pregnancy!). I’ll be figuring out something to cook for dinner (not a problem, with the surplus still in the fridge from the farmer’s market Wednesday).

Besides, we’re going to the Reading Terminal Market tomorrow. I plan to bring lots of yummy stuff (including pictures!) back from that.


2 thoughts on “One week in Philadelphia

  1. Lucky you finding a place in Fitler Square! It’s one of the most beautiful areas in Philly, I think, but it’s hard to find decent rent. Not impossible, though. Congrats.

    When you were eating at Mama Palma’s, you were just catty-corner from my old job – Bacchus Market & Catering. Despite the fact that they don’t feed their employees generously, I do recommend that you stop by… at $1.50, Bacchus has some of the cheapest iced tea and coffee anywhere in Philly. (Many places jack the price up past $2 for no very good reason.)

  2. How funny! I’ll remember that for the iced tea — As nice as Good Karma Cafe is, I thought $2.25 for 16 oz. of iced tea (and $1+ for a refill!) was a bit much.

    (I now kind of get the place not feeding its employees copiously — it’s a smaller shop, and I understand not being able to be so generous, on the smaller scale.)

    Apparently it wasn’t impossible, because we found a place that was just at the top end of our budget range — $50 over my first estimate, actually — and, although it’s a half-basement, it’s still a good place. There’s not much natural light, but there’s more than in some other apartments I’ve had, and it’s way bigger than I expected we’d land.

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