Beginning of a new series: The Geek Recommends

Before too long, you (my ones of readers) will be seeing what may very well end up being a slough of new Philly-based posts. I have a whole new city to explore, and much of that exploration is going to be the myriad cafes, diners, restaurants and sweet shoppes in (get this) walking distance from my front door.

These will be tagged, thusly: The Geek Recommends.

Today’s very-quick recommend: Ants Pants Cafe (2212 South St., Phila), specifically the drink called an iced chocolate. The combination is decadent: vanilla ice cream, milk and house-made chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream. It’s basically the best chocolate milkshake you’ve ever had, but layered, not blended. Banish all thoughts of Hershey’s from your mind: the sauce is not very sweet at all and lightly spiced (possibly with nutmeg, further research is needed), and when combined with the milk and ice cream is it surprisingly refreshing for what is basically all my vices rolled into one.

The cafe itself serves Australian fare, and the iced chocolate is one of their “Aussie” drinks. This is most certainly worth a return trip, and further reports will feature pictures, especially of any more ostentatious dishes.


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