New Projects: First Fig Writers’ Collective

So, one of my comrades-in-blogging, tanglethis of Sublunary Limins, sent me an email about a week ago, saying “Hey, I’m starting this writing group with some friends, wanna come?” I, being both somewhat literarily* inclined and otherwise unoccupied, decided to accept.

We met for an initial gathering (read: sipping Pinot Grigio at a fancy wine bar, and generally talking about everything until everyone arrived) two days ago, and I think I can safely say that A Good Time Was Had By All.

There wasn’t any presentation of anyone’s work, with the roundabout exception of a good game of Dirty Napkin**. tanglethis was kind enough to set up a blog and post the poems we created during the game.

So, unless I’m otherwise occupied***, I’ll be doing this again in two weeks.

Good times.

*Yes, made up word. Germans do it all the time.
**Dirty Napkin: everyone takes a piece of paper or napkin, writes a line of poetry or a prose sentence. Everyone passes their sentence on to the next person, who writes another line/sentence. When you get the one you started back, put a title on it. Five people produce five five-line poems.
***You know, that giving-birth thing.

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