He might just earn it, after all.

One of the thoughts I’ve had this election cycle was this one: I want to hear what the candidates say they will do once they get to Washington, in detail, and NOT simply decry the (potential) policies of their opponent(s), allowing both paid advertisements and so-called debates to descend into shouting matches and schoolyard name-calling.

I voted independent in 2004 for this very reason: Kerry never did say, to my satisfaction, what he’d actually do as President; all I ever heard out of his mouth was basically “Bush sux, we can’t take four more years of this”. Not that I disagreed with any of this, but this sort of behavior seemed beneath an adult human being, and gave me absolutely no basis for wanting to vote FOR Kerry. I refused to simply vote AGAINST someone else.

Sorry, folks. If you’re running for office, you’ve got to instill some confidence in me that you’re going to actually DO something. Trust is earned.

So when I saw this, I was just a bit more mollified vis-a-vis this year’s candidates than before:

Obama might earn my vote after all.


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