Quick Hit: FA Kudos

vesta44 knocks it out of the park:

Interest in Dieting Slims Down

When it comes to dieting, Americans put on a good show, buying millions of diet books, watching TV programs about weight loss, obsessing over celebrities and their baby weight. But in the end, that may be all it is: a show. The number of people on a diet – 26 percent of all women in the United States and 16 percent of men for the year ending February 2008 – is the lowest it’s been in more than two decades, according to a soon-to-be-released survey.

Dieting was once practically a national pastime. In 1990, the same report found that 39 percent of women and 29 percent of men were on a diet. So, what’s happened? Balzer, who’s tracked Americans’ eating habits since the 1980s, believes the answer is that dieting is simply too hard. “It’s much easier to change your attitude,” he said, than to sustain the willpower to eat less.

Dieting is simply too hard? It’s easier to change your attitude than sustain the willpower to eat less? Where the fuck is he living? If willpower is all it takes to eat less (and therefore lose weight), there would be no fat people left on this planet. How much damned willpower does it take to try diet after diet after diet, only to fail and fail and fail?

Go read the rest of her spot-on analysis of the attitudes that most deservedly draw the ire of FA advocates like myself.

Oh and thanks, Boston Globe, for illustrating that article with a picture of a conventionally thin woman who promotes “lifestyle change“. It must have been impossible to find one of those people who had actually given up on dieting.


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